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Rock Around the Dock - Seattle Yacht Club 2021 Contest Entry

We completed a new project in which we helped a devoted boat owner to showcase his boat in this year's Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day 2021 competition entry. This year's theme is "Rock Around the Dock". Due to COVID restrictions this 2021 opening day is completely virtual, and every contestant submits a one-minute video to showcase their design of the boat and costumes of people on the boat.

The customer selected Sky Studio West for this interesting project because we already had experience flying and filming ships and boats over the water, and creating spectacular video clips of ships with background music.

This project was especially interesting and challenging because it involved flying low over the water in high winds, a lot of orbiting and circling around the moving boat, very close flying to show details of the decorations and people's costumes. We are happy with the result and the customer is also happy and excited.

The virtual competition will be broadcast online on May 1, 2021. We are looking forward to sharing with you our work on this project.

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